NEW Diftong CD: Holy Bones (December 2012)

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Review Quotes

Krenten uit de Pop, Saturday December 22 2012 (full review in Dutch)

...Holy Bones contains multi-coloured American roots music, that holds your attention with broad instrumentation, good lyrics, a gritty voice and powerful songs. Diftong's sound on Holy Bones can compete with the sound of his British and American contemporaries and its versatility beats part of the competition... - Erwin Zijleman -

ROOTSTIME.BE, Saturday January 5 2013(full review in Dutch)

...Good Americana music does not necessarily come from America... ...[about the opening track Bitter as Bile] A track you cannot get out of your head once you have heard it, also thanks to the accordion playing by Alex Akela and the nice vocals by Monique Vermeer... ...Good album!... - Valsam -, February 2013(full review in Dutch)

...poetic contemplations in generally very beautiful and mostly quiet Americana tunes that would bring a blush to the cheeks of many a foreign comrade-in-arms.

LiveXS Magazine, February 12 2013(full review in Dutch)

Music and lyrics make Holy Bones a little work of art that will please both passive listeners and those who like to dissect lyrics. A perfect album for late at night. - Thomas Spiekerman

New Folk Sounds, March 3 2013 (full review in Dutch)

Diftong succeeded in creating his own version of semi-acoustic americana that stands its ground when compared to the artists in that genre across the Atlantic. - Hans van Deelen, March 27 2013 (full review in Dutch)

Wonderful songs, with sturdy singing, accentuated lyrics and very well played music. - Fred Schmale

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